Wheelchair Friendly Holidays
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Wheelchair Friendly Holidays
Date: 12 July 2007
Today when it comes to holidaying and you are disabled no longer, are you restricted to those places close to home? In fact, when you do a quick search of the internet today there are hundreds of places, which now offer wheelchair friendly holidays around the world. As you will soon discover because of all resorts becoming aware of the needs of the disabled they have changed their facilities in order to accommodate such people.

But as well as hotels and resorts making alterations to their facilities in order to meet the requirements of those who are in wheelchairs or who have other disabilities. You can now actually book holidays in self-catering accommodation as well. In fact, there are some holiday homes that have been specifically designed with disabled people in mind. These types of places will often offer additional as well as enhanced facilities for the less able bodied among us.

Also, when it comes to looking for wheelchair friendly holidays as you will soon discover a large number of those online provide you with details of what facilities they have to offer. They will clearly identify themselves as wheelchair friendly and many come with ramps or wheelchair lifts for easy access to the property. They will also ensure that doorways, kitchens, bathrooms and all other rooms within the house have been adapted to provide easy access for wheelchairs. Yet they still provide suitable accommodation for able-bodied people as well.

So if you are interested in going abroad for your next vacation and either yourself or a member of your family is wheelchair bound there are hundreds of different places you can. However, before you actually start booking any vacation you should use the following trips to ensure that you get the best vacation ever.

Tip 1 – It is important that you discuss the needs of those who are wheelchair bound with the owner of the property or resort. By doing this you will be ensuring that, they have the right facilities in place to meet the disabled person’s particular requirements.

Tip 2 – If you can arrange to book your vacation well in advance of when you are going. Doing this will ensure that you are not only able to get suitable flight times but you are able to book the right kinds of seats on the flight as well.

Tip 3 – When booking your flights you should inform the airline of the situation and any particular requirements that you may have. It is when you are booking your flights you should make sure that the airline whom you are flying with are actually able to meet yours or those within your parties particular requirements.

Tip 4 – Along with discussing your needs with the resort or property owner, ask if they can provide you with additional pictures of the accommodation. By doing this you will be able to quickly see and get a feel of whether the accommodation is suitable or not.

By keeping the above tips in mind when it comes to booking wheelchair friendly holidays, not only will you find it easier. But you will also find that you are able to book a vacation, which meets the needs of those of the disabled person perfectly.  A range of wheelchair friendly holiday homes are available in Spain, England, France, Italy and Cyprus
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